Ways to Give


Holy Family School volunteers are valued members of our educational community. Volunteers are an integral part of the school.

They help:
• in the classroom
• in lunchroom and on the playground
• in the kitchen
• chaperone field trips
• coach our sport teams
• with Track and Field Day
• with school fund-raisers

All volunteer are require to have a background check and must attend a one hour Safe Environment Program, as mandated by the Bishops of the United States. Persons who volunteer more than eight hours a month are required to be fingerprinted.

School Advisory Committee (S.A.C.)
The purpose of Holy Family School Advisory Committee is to give the Principal advice on Curriculum, Budget, Policy and Building/Grounds and also to help develop the Strategic Plan for the school. The committee is made up of seven parents/ guardians (appointed by the Principal), the Pastor and the Principal. These meetings are open to the public.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
The PTO was established to help raise funds for school operations and special purposes. The group is operated by its own charter and meets three times a year. All parents/guardians are members of the PTO and are encourages to attend all meetings.

Holy Family School annual budget is supported by three sources: the parish contribution, tuition and fundraising. All parents are expected to work toward the school fundraising goal. By working together all who wish, can have a quality Catholic education for their child/ren.

Family/Social Activities
Holy Family School recognizes that family is important. We strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere in our school. We host many family centered activities throughout the school year. All are encouraged to bring family and friends to our social events.

Some of these activities are:
• August Open House
• September Parent Information Meeting
• All Saint’s Day Celebration
• Advent Program
• Fine Arts Night
• Spring Program
• PTO Events

Many options exist for those who wish to make a charitable contribution to Holy Family School.

A cash gift is the most common way to support Holy Family School. Cash gifts are deductible for all taxpayers who itemize deductions.

You have the option of donating gifts other than cash…stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other securities to name just a few.

All donations are greatly appreciated and are used.

“How can I help Holy Family School raise funds by just doing what I’m already doing?”

By doing these simple things:

Target’s “Take Charge of Education”
Using your Target Charge Card (you’ll have to apply if you haven’t got one) is a means for the company to track sales. Target will donate 1% of registered sales to our school. Go on line to target.com to apply for your REDcard. “But I don’t like Charging things!” There’s and easy remedy. Charge your items. Walk to the service desk (or some registers will let you) and pay off the bill immediately. Simple. No Fees. No Interest. Money for the children!!

Meijer’s “Community Reward”
Meijer’s will donate 1% to 4% to the school. Holy Family School code number is 119035. Go to meijer.com to apply for your “Guest Card”. Your Guest Card will be mailed to you.

General Mills “Boxtop for Eduction”
Same as Campbell’s products. Clip the labels and turn them into the school office. Each label is worth .10 cents. See attached sheet for all eligible products.

Empty InkJets
IRC will buy empty inkiest. Depending on the make they are worth $1.00 to $2.50. So send in your empty inkiest and raise money for the school.

Grab a zip-lock bag or envelope, place a magnet inside and hang on your refrigerator. When you use the product or go shopping, slip the labels and receipts inside. When it’s full – send it to the school!!

Doing these simple things can increase our income and keep tuition down!! Any questions? Call the school office (362-5651). Ask your family and friends to help also!!

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