Art Class


Mrs. Gartland

Mrs. Gartland joined Holy Family School as the Art Teacher in 2015.  She is married to Mike and has three children.  She also has three grandchildren that attend HFS.

When Mrs. Gartland retired from her career in management and technology, she volunteered to help HFS with Art Class. She also enjoys volunteering in the classroom, substitute teaching for Holy Family, and helping with the school’s website.

Mrs. Gartland loves helping children learn and grow.  She always wanted to be a teacher!  Her motto is “Do everything with love!”  Her goal is to help build kids’ self-esteem, confidence, and their potential with loving interactions and kind words.

We have created an Art Museum and students are continually contributing their works for display …

IMG_4686  IMG_4683 IMG_4685

IMG_4687 IMG_4690 IMG_4688

IMG_4691 IMG_4689 IMG_4684

And Look at some of the FUN projects the students have created:

IMG_4694  IMG_4681  IMG_4695

IMG_4677 IMG_4679 IMG_4676

We made stepping Stones Too:





T-Shirt Art:




4th5th art shirts

We had LOTS OF FUN, and we Did Everything With Love!!  xoxo


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