Classroom Supply List


Supplies Needed PK          K      1st/2nd 3rd/4th 5th/6th/7th
#2 Pencils X X X X
Red Pencil X
Red Pen X
Black or blue pen X X
Highlighter markers X X X
Fine tip washable marker set  


Broad tip washable marker set X X X X
Crayons (16 ct. box) X X X X X
Colored pencils X X X
Glue sticks 5 5 5 2 3
Bottle of school glue X X X X X
Pencil bag/case X X X X
Large rubber pencil eraser X  X X
Ruler (metric/standard) X X
Clear Protractor X
Pointed scissors X X X
Scissors (non-pointed) X X
Calculator X X X
Pocket folders X 5
Wide rule notebook paper X 1
Graph paper 1 pack
Blank 3×5 index cards X X
Old shirt for painting (big) X X
Book bag/backpack X X X X X
Kleenex tissues (250 ct) 2 2 2 2 3
Bottle (pump) of hand sanitizer X
Pair of gym shoes X X X X X
Change of Clothes X
Blanket for Resting/Bath towel/ beach towel w/child’s name on it X X
Clorox Disinfectant Wipes X X X X X
Roll of Paper Towel X X X X X
Box of Band-Aids X X  X



Attention: Parents are responsible for assuring that all supplies and personal items are clearly labeled with their child’s name on them.

The parent is responsible for replenishing supplies all year as needed, especially by the second semester.

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